Seized weapons in Khoms port are related to Tripoli’s violence: LNA

The General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) said on Wednesday that the Turkish weapons and ammunition that were seized in Khoms port on Tuesday are related to the ongoing assassinations and violence in Tripoli.

The LNA issued a statement on the incident, saying it has followed with great concern the national authorities’ success in seizing two arms shipments coming from Turkey.

The LNA’s General Command explained that this shipment was not the first of its kind to be sent from Turkey. Previously, the army also found Turkish weapons during the period of liberation of Benghazi from terrorism, in addition to tons of Turkish explosives seized by Greece in January.

The LNA stressed in its statement the involvement of Turkey and other countries in supporting terrorists in Libya against the national army.

The General Command called on the international community, the United Nations and its mission in Libya to condemn Turkey and to open an immediate investigation into terrorist crimes committed by Turkey in violation to the Security Council resolutions no. 1973 for 2011 and no.1373 on the financing of terrorist organizations.

Customs Authority announced on Tuesday that a large amount of weapons and ammunition smuggled from Turkey were seized by the customs employees in Khoms port.

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