Libya’s HoR to file Int’l lawsuits on smuggled funds

Libya is willing to issue formal complaints regarding the Libyan smuggled money in the Tunisian, French and German courts; Head of the looted and smuggled funds Committee in the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Ali al-Takbali said on Thursday.

He added in press statements that huge amount of the Libyan money have been looted by Tunisian businessmen during the past period, “However, our committee doesn’t find the assist it needs neither from banks or governments to get the smuggled money back” Takbali said.

He added that the Committee is having difficulty setting an approximate limit to these funds. “We don’t even know how much money these businessmen and banks owe us.” Takbali explained. However, he pointed out the United Nations might have lists that could help the parliament estimating those smuggled funds.

Al-Takbali also revealed the Committee intentions to establish a sovereign fund aimed at returning the looted funds through legal actions. He accused the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) of receiving part of the Libyan smuggled money from the Belgian banks and wasting it.


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