Son of CDA member kidnapped by unidentified men

The 10-year son of the member of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) Arhom Jibril was kidnapped on Wednesday by four unidentified men.

The child was abducted outside his home in Sabha, an oasis city in southwestern Libya, and investigation have been launched to arrest the kidnappers.

This incident comes a week after the members of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) and the House of Representatives (HoR) appealed to the court against the Nov. 26 session which amended Article 6 of the referendum draft.

On Dec. 25, HoR, CDA challenged the referendum law before the Supreme Court, as any amendment to the constitutional declaration requires a vote of no less than 120 members of parliament, while those who attended the said session and voted on the amendment did not exceed 105 members.

The referendum bill aims to pave the way for drafting the constitution and then presidential and parliamentary elections to end the division between rival factions over power.

The disagreement over the bill alongside the absence of consensus between political rivals have led to the perpetual delay of the elections.

Meanwhile, terrorists and gangs in Libya exploit the division and lack of security to achieve their interests, and have worked on prolonging the situation through attacks and abductions. Kidnappings that are not politically motivated have also been prevalent since Libya descended into chaos to demand ransoms.


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