Clashes erupt in southern Tripoli, violating UN ceasefire agreement

Clashes erupted between militias and the 7th Brigade in Qasr Beni Ghashir, southern Tripoli, killing five people and injuring 20 on Wednesday.

The clashes between the 7th Brigade, affiliated with the Government of the National Accord (GNA)’s Defense Ministry, and the militias violate a UN-brokered ceasefire agreement signed on 4 September by representatives of the GNA, military commanders, security apparatuses and armed groups present in and around the capital.

The United Nation Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) warned on Thursday the armed parties of the consequences of violating the agreement.

In a statement, the UNSMIL said it closely monitors the situation in Tripoli and the actions that would be taken by the parties responsible for the tension in southern Tripoli.

The UN will hold accountable the parties involved in breaking the agreement and putting civilians’ life in danger, according to the statement.


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