Fanatic Liberals

Since its start in the Enlightenment Age, liberalism has taken the form of a reaction to crackdown under different names, including religion, which has taken many forms and entered into the mainstream of life. There is a political liberalism that is the right to participate in choosing the ruler, considering that the nation is the source of authority and the right to reject dictatorships. Uprooting their roots for a liberal democracy that grants freedom,  peaceful circulation of power, and the right to self-determination of peoples, and prevents monopolization of regimes and oppression.

There is also a social liberalism that interacts within society, which is embodied in the values ​​of tolerance, cooperation and acceptance of the other, the violator. The question of religion, the form of rituals and the pathways of worship is an issue that belongs to the adherent religion itself, without monopolizing one form and rejecting the other forms, because it is the issue that remains hostage to the mind, philosophy, and ideas that have been written in the brains. e..

Liberalism was born out of the womb of violence, oppression and exclusion. It was born out of practices that distorted the societies that at the European Enlightenment wanted a new dose and an open path of multiple visions, ideas and directions. This path offers a wide space that makes the individual who does not agree with an idea is willing to pay his life for To express the opposite or different from his point of view, according to François Voltaire, a professor of enlightenment, a tolerant person who has the eternal message of the time of intolerance and the fight between Catholics and Protestants.

Many centuries have passed since the creation of the concept of liberalism, which has evolved a lot. Some considered that liberalism is the highest level that human beings can reach in the journey of Humanization in Fukuyama’s terms.

But what is really strange is that liberalism takes an ugly form that contradicts its origin, principles, and rules. It has become more and more sacred and sanctified. In our societies, there are fanatics who turn to blocking on Facebook, just because you said what disagree with their views.

Sometimes, I allow my passion to find excuses for them. I say that liberalism is a strange plant in our desert, still searching for an appropriate atmosphere, soft air, and fertilized soil.

Application is the dilemma, as the French philosopher Gaston Bachelet said in his critique of the ideas of René Descartes. Bachelet emphasized the gap that always exists between the theory that may seem delicious and the application which is the most severe test in which many masks fall.

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