New campaign to combat leishmaniasis in Bani Walid

New campaign to combat Leishmaniasis disease was announced in Bani Walid town in Libya by  the General Cleaning Services Company.

In a Sunday statement  it was added that Bani Walid officials welcomed the campaign, affirming that they will provide all necessary assistance the company needs.

Earlier in January, manager of the Bani Walid Health Center Aymen Hawadi said that around 290 cases in Bani Walid were diagnosed with Leishmaniasis, as no medicines were available in the northwestern town to treat them.

Hawadi called upon the Ministry of Health of the Government of the National Accord (GNA) and the National Communicable Disease Control Centre to supply the town with the needed medicines to stop the increasing number of cases.

Leishmaniasis has prevailed in most regions in Libya in the recent period due to poor infrastructure, member of the Medical Convoys Committee at the Ministry of Health Mohamed Sassi said.

Sassi added that Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted across sandy regions through the bite of infected female sandflies.

The disease is associated with streets contaminated with sewage, the spread of trash, crumbling buildings and malnutrition across Libya, he said, adding that it is also linked to the climate changes.


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