Efforts to re-float stranded “Atlantic Peach” seem unhelpful: source

The container ship “Atlantic Peach” which grounded off the port of Tripoli about five weeks ago became in a very bad situation despite the ongoing rescue operation, a source at the port told 218 News on Sunday.

The source said these efforts continue under the supervision of an Italian company, which was contracted by the insurance company of the ship and the Libyan Maritime Transport Club, to re-float the ship carrying about 150 containers on board.

Photos of the container were circulated on Facebook showing it almost covered with water off the Libyan coast. The official source said that ship is threatened with sinking at any moment.

Preliminary examination proved the damage of the ship’s hull, and water penetrations into the basement, causing damage to its generators and engines, the Libyan Maritime Transport Club said on Facebook .

The 139.5-long cargo ship, affiliated to the United Arab Shipping Agency (UASC), was carrying containers of goods and had 14-member crew on board.

The crew were evacuated immediately from the ship at the request of its captain due to bad weather conditions. They are in good health and were transferred to a safe place, according to 218 News.


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