218’s statement on being subjected to a campaign of terror

218 News is grateful to its viewers who have helped the channel evolve as a viable media platform linking Libya to the world. It is important to share with them what is happening on the ground nowadays.

To its viewers and those who are concerned about freedom of expression and the right to transfer the latest news to people, 218 News has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of terror by some groups in Tripoli and regions loyal to head of the Presidency Council (PC) Faiez al-Sarraj.

Our correspondents have been threatened and forced to publicly resign from the channel. Official instructions have been set to withhold information from 218 News and its viewers by preventing any source or official bodies from making statements to the channel, banning it from attending the PC’s press conferences, and launching campaigns on social media to mislead, falsify documents and spread rumours about it, as well as threats. All these acts have not been denounced by any entity.

Before its viewers as well as Arab and international public opinion, 218 News denounces these violations, stands against these threats, and holds the PC responsible for the moral and material damages.

218 News calls upon all media figures, civil and human rights groups, and those who are concerned about freedom of expression to show their solidarity and not to surrender to the campaign of terror.

The reputation of 218 News has been built on its unbiased news, professionalism, and its ability to disseminate correct information everywhere.

To our viewers, we assure you that we will not allow any threat or lawlessness to ruin our reputation. Our institution has rejected bribes from political parties and armed groups who have tried to make us loyal to them. We will not abandon our belief in establishing a democratic civil state and unifying military and security institutions. We will not abandon our cities despite the worst of crises.

We are honored that we took the risks to cover the war against terrorism in Sirte and eastern Libya. For Libya, today, we will not stop our coverage of the events in Tripoli, with all our objectivity regardless of threats and dangers.

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