Sarraj orders arrest of ‘sleeper cells’ in Tripoli

Head of the Presidency Council Faiez al-Sarraj instructed the police to detect and arrest “sleeper cells” in Tripoli.

During an emergency Wednesday meeting in the presence of all ministers in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Sarraj talked about sleeper cells in Tripoli without revealing the nature of these groups or their relationship with current events.

He asked the Interior Minister to issue arrest warrants for persons suspected of aiding the ongoing attack on the capital.

The meeting reviewed the latest political and military developments and the repercussions of the armed clashes in Tripoli, and discussed the demands of the displaced.

Libya has two executive authorities, namely Tripoli’s GNA recognized by the international community and headed by Sarraj, and the Interim Government, headed by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, which operates in the country’s east along with the elected parliament and is supported by the Libyan National Army.


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