Military aircrafts attacks Libya’s Houn town, no causalities

Military aircrafts allegedly affiliated with Government of National Accord (GNA), attacked Tuesday, Houn town and showered it with several bombs, according to sources spoke to 218news on condition of anonymity.

The bombing took place at the early hours of Tuesday. No causalities were reported.

 GNA aircrafts also targeted the Turkish BAYTUR Insaat Taahhüt A.S. company, according to the unnamed source.

Houn is an oasis town in the northern Fezzan region of southwest Libya. Houn also considers being the capital of the Jufra District.

On April 4, the LNA announced the launch of a military operation against Tripoli. So, all military units loyal to the Government of National Accord geared up to defend the capital. The warring factions are currently involved in battles along the outskirts of Tripoli.

The United Nations has been forced to postpone a carefully planned and potentially watershed national conference on Libya’s political future after the assault on Tripoli.

The two-day conference in the town of Ghadames was due to be attended by 120 delegates on April 14-15. The decision to shelve the summit is a blow to Libya’s democratic forces, who had hoped it might open a path to presidential and parliamentary elections by the end of this year.

Ghassan Salamé, the UN special envoy for Libya, said the UN intended to convene the conference as soon as conditions permitted, but it would be impossible to hold the talks “to the backdrop of artillery shelling and air raids.”


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