Libya’s oil output rises despite unrest in Tripoli

Libya’s oil output rose after the force majeure had been lifted from el-Sharara oil field in early March despite the unrest in the capital, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

“Production rose by 90,000 barrels a day to 1.19 million a day,” according to Bloomberg.

This comes after a nearly three-month force majeure at Libya’s biggest oil field. Fezzan Anger Movement staged protests in the oil field to demand services in the southern region, hindering production and endangering staff.

In early March, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) lifted the force majeure after initiating criminal proceedings against these groups to put an end to the chaos they caused at Sharara, whose regular production reaches 35,000 barrels per day.

Meanwhile, the unrest in Tripoli due to the progress and the war of General Commander of Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar against the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) makes some analysts “doubtful how long the improvement in supplies can endure,” Bloomberg said.

In late April, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla warned of the adverse impact of military escalation on the production of crude oil.

“The continuation of the conflict would hinder the distribution of the refined fuel and lead to the theft and smuggling of crude oil,” Sanalla said.


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