Heavy clashes near Salah al-Din, Airport roads

The Libyan National Army (LNA) said Sunday its forces are engaged in heavy clashes near Salah al-Din and the Airport roads in Tripoli.

According to the LNA, the Government of National Accord forces retreated from their positions near the battles locations.

The clashes erupted in several areas of the capital Friday night and several GNA field leaders have been announced dead, as claimed by the LNA statement.

The statement underscored that the Tripoli airport is completely under LNA control.

Last week, the LNA claimed it is succeeding in its mission in Tripoli so far, and will “achieve the operation’s objectives soon.”

The LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari said at a Benghazi press conference that the LNA has eliminated many of the armed groups in Tripoli, and others are being dismantled after the killing of their leaders and destroying their ammunition stores by airstrikes.

“The LNA air force carried out an air raid in the village of Nasser, south of Zawiyah, targeting Osama al-Juwaili’s forces, in addition to dozens of air strikes conducted last week against military sites of the Government of National Accord (GNA),” he said.

The LNA has launched an offensive against Tripoli, the seat of the GNA, on April 4, with the aim of “liberating the city from militants.”

Earlier this week, the World Health Organization said the battle of Tripoli saw more than 430 people killed and up to 2,110 others wounded, while displacing over 55,000.


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