Italy urges Sarraj to leave Tripoli, Libyan MP claims

The Italian authorities has called on head of the Government of the National Accord (GNA) to leave Tripoli as soon as possible, Libyan parliamentarian Saad Emghib claimed.

Emghib referred to an undisclosed communication between the Italian authorities and Prime Minister Faiez al-Sarraj, in which Rome urged him to leave the capital as dangers are escalating with the progress of the Libyan National Army (LNA) towards the city where the GNA is based.

In late April, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said his country “is not taking sides” regarding the ongoing conflict in the Libyan Capital, emphasizing that his government is not biased to either rivals.

However, Conte also said Rome stands against the military operation on Tripoli by the LNA.

However, David Pollock, a Bernstein Fellow at the Washington Institute, told 218 News in mid-April that the international community will approve of the LNA’s controlling all Libyan regions because it would unify state institutions.

Support shown to the U.N.-recognized GNA will not prevent the international community from accepting the unification of Libyan institutions in the case of the LNA’s success in western Libya, much like it succeeded in eastern and southern Libya, according to Pollock.


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