Southern Libya in darkness after Zawiya power plants production halt

The first and fifth gas units of al-Zawiya power plants went out of work on Tuesday night, leaving the city in total darkness a number of times.

The southern region was completely dark before the General Electricity Company announced the gradual return of light to Sabha city and its environs, without stating the reason behind the cut-off.

Sabha is an oasis city in southwestern Libya, approximately 640 kilometers south of Tripoli.

This is not the first time the public electricity grid in the southern region has collapsed in recent years due to technical or sabotage reasons.

At the same time, the collapse of the grid was expected amid the decline in production, high temperatures and damages to some stations as a result of infringements and security breaches.

The south has been waiting for the operation of the Ubari gas station, which cost the state about $450 million to ensure the independence of production of the electrical grid. The target has not been accomplished for reasons related to the technical aspect on the one hand and lack security on the other.

The lack of security prevented the return of the company supervising the project, which extended the crisis, despite the talks about the experimental operation of the fourth unit to avoid linking the network with the northern stations to reach a balance.

These talks come amid repeated calls from municipalities and residents of the southern regions to develop quick solutions to ensure that there is no rolling darkness. 

Southern Libya has been largely neglected by successive authorities despite hosting some of the largest oil fields in the country. 

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