MP Sergiwa abduction is “terrorist act”: Interim Government’s Interior Min.

The Minister of Interior of the Interim Government in east Libya, Ibrahim Boshnaf, described the incident of Libyan Member of House of Representatives (HoR) Siham Sergiwa abduction as a “terrorist act”.

He affirmed, Sunday, during a night inspecting tour in Benghazi that the investigations will remain ongoing until revealing all details related with the incident.

Boshnaf added that after the informing the authorities with the incident, the forces headed to  Sergiwa’s house, however, one of her family members confused the forces by saying that she was not at home during the attack, “either he was shocked or trying to protect her  by giving false information.” Boshnaf explained.

Boshnaf pointed out that the security forces provided protection to Sergiwa’s family as soon as they arrived. adding that who ever involved in the incident can not be related to The Libyan National Army or any of its supporters.

“It is likely that the incident have been carried out by terrorist groups in Benghazi” Boshnaf said.

In a Sunday statements to 218News Head of the Security Information Office at the Interior Ministry of the Libyan Interim Government, Tareq al-Kharraz, said that Benghazi authorities are doing all needed efforts to reach all details regarding the MP abduction accident and to confirm if the MP is still alive.

He explained that there is many information missing regarding Sergiwa disappearance and that there are contradictions in the statements of the MP’s family and friends regarding the accident.

Sergiwa was abducted on 17 July and since then, her exact location was unknown.


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