Chad closes border with Libya for security reasons

Chad has shut down its borders with Libya, Sudan, and Central African Republic on Thursday, citing security concerns according to the Chadian Defense Minister,
Mahamat Abali Sala.

Chad retained trade lines open with the three countries so that no damage on the economic level can take place.

The trade corridors are Kouri and Moudi in Libya; Adre, Tine and Amdjireme in Sudan and Sido and Gore in the Central African Republic.

The Chadian Defense Minister said that this closure is vital for managing the crossings on the borders, saying crossing Chadian borders without going through the allowed corridors will be considered a serious offense and will be the target of the defense and security forces.

This announcement comes after accusations against Chad that some of its armed groups are involved in Murzuq fighting in southern Libya have mounted.

Chad also said that gold mining activities in the provinces of Ouaddai, Sila and Tibesti are suspended until the establishment of the legal mechanism where all people must be identified with all materials before operating, according to Sala.

He also talked about disarming some communities that have been part of the ethnic fighting that the country has witnessed lately, saying that this step is supported by Chadian President, Idriss Deby.

The Defense Minister said that a committee of 5000 men on camels and horses will be combing through villages and houses and those who get caught possessing weapons will be brought to justice.


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