218TV unveils details about the moat dangerous smuggling network in Libya

Just less than 24 hours have passed since legal activists have circulated a verdict against the most dangerous Syrian criminal network that works in smuggling via Libyan ports, 218TV receives new details about the most prominent figure in that criminal network – Mahmoud Abdel Elah Al-Dejj – who is sentenced in absentia.

Al-Dejj is the chairman of an imports and exports as well as cargo shipping company from Aleppo and Damascus in Syria to Egypt, Algeria, and Libya, but in the last three years; the company was only working in cargo shipping to Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, and Al-Khoms.

This company seems just as normal as any other company shipping goods to and from Libya, but it becomes murky when the Customs Department in Al-Khoms, Benghazi and Tobruk seized containers coming from Lattakia in Syria laden with “banned goods” that are worth millions of dollars shipped by Al-Tayr Company of Al-Dejj.

The case has another line, which is that Al-Dej, his four siblings and his mother have all obtained Libyan National ID Numbers and passports from Misrata. Despite claims by Al-Dejj for having the Libyan citizenship legally from his Libyan mother, 218TV has learned his mother’s full name and the family’s National ID Numbers, which prove they are all Syrian with their father Abdel Elah Mahmoud Al-Dejj, who lived between Zliten and Misrata. This explains that the Libyan citizenship was gotten illicitly, which is a question to be answered by the Misrata Passports and Citizenship Office.

Counterfeit Libyan citizenships have been reported many time over the last period as security apparatuses in several Libyan cities announced officially many fake Libyan IDs, passports and other documents for foreigners in return for money.

Digging into the registry of Mahmoud Al-Dejj, which is full of smuggling and forgery through his Al-Tayr Company, it has been revealed that Syrain government authorities issued an arrest warrant of him in August 2013 for money transfers without a license. He was also accused of funding terrorists in Syria by sending them money through Libya and Egypt, so he couldn’t enter Syrian territory controlled by the Syrian Government Army and remained living in Libya.

Despite his and his siblings’ names being publicized by authorities in eastern Libya, he is still doing his dubious business in Libya as a new post on his company’s social media pages shows that he brought new shipment on flight No.14 to the company’s storages in Libya on August 14.

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