LNA deploys patrols on Tarhouna’s roads

Uneasy calm on southern Tripoli’s frontlines is still prevailing with few skirmishes between the Libyan National Army’s forces and those of the Government of National Accord using heavy and medium weapons.

Meanwhile, in Tarhouna, which saw a massive deployment of forces on Friday, eyewitnesses said they had seen arms depots at Saqiyah Camp being emptied and LNA patrols were being set up on the city’s roads in a surprising manner.

The LNA, on the other hand, carried out airstrikes on positions of GNA’s armed groups on Ain Zara and Wadi Al-Rabea frontlines and another strike on a location near Jandouba prison, killing one fighter and injuring others for GNA forces.

On Khallatat frontline in southern Tripoli, heavy clashes between LNA and GNA forces were heard as LNA advanced on some positions in Al-Aziziya and Al-Sabea districts.


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