Scrap Trade: Mafias looting Libya’s negelcted resources

Libya’s resources have been systematically drained through many methods, but “scrap trade” has had little light shed on it over the last years.

This type of trade has been flourishing since 2011 via land and sea routes amid lack of borders’ security. It targets debris of household items, factiries’ machines, military armored vehicles, electric wires an metal scrap.

A Customs Department officer told Independent Arabia of the systematic smuggling routes and routines of Libyan scrap, saying that Turkey is the most benefited country of this trade.

“Our resources are being stolen and Turkey is the most benefited country of them. Smuggling scrap goes through sea routes from eastern port of Tobruk and western Misrata and Al-Khoms ports. The desert routes also constitute a smuggling destination for scrap from Libya to African countries neighboring Libya’s southern borders.” The officer added.

He warned that there is a tight relationship between the “car hijacking mafia” which scrap the cars and the smugglers who use illegal immigrants in Libya in gathering scrap and debris work.

“Tobruk and Misrata are two vital scrap smuggling jumping points via the sea and Al-Gatroon, and Al-Kufra are two important desert routes for scrap smuggling toward Chad, Algeria and Sudan.” The officer indicated.

He added that the scrap smugglers are protected by a political coverup by politicians and military officials who secure their work from point zero inside Libya to the final destination out of the country.


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