Libya, Tunisia discuss border issues and tougher grip against smuggling

Organizing trade at the Ras Ajdair border between Tunisia and Libya is always concerning the Libyan Customs Department and the Tunisian Douane in their efforts to limit smuggling and allow the legal trade between the two country to prosper.
On Saturday, an expanded meeting took place at the Tunisian Douane for the Libyan Customs Department’s Director Brigadier General Emhemed Al-Shibani and the Anti-Drug-Smuggling Department;s Director General Essa Al-Sharif with the Tunisian counterparts to discuss combatting smuggling on Tunisian-Libyan border plus the mechanisms for goods trade via the border.
Earlier, the Head of the Customs Bureau at Ras Ajdair Munji Al-Sundi told 218TV that the bureau’s revenue of 2018 hit 53.435 million dinars and that 99% of the Tunisian goods that enter Libya are tariff-free, adding that fines and violations at the border amounted to 2.151 million dinars last year.
According to statistics from last year by the Customs Bureau, the most exported material to Tunisian include carton, plastic and fish, while the most imported goods to Libya from Tunisia are 90% food commodities.

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