Field Medical Center condemns targeting ambulances and paramedics

The field medical center has condemned in a statement the airstrike that targeted an ambulance in Ain Zara in southern Tripoli, injuring three paramedics and a driver.

The center said the airstrike is a blatant violation of war rules as it jeopardizes the lives medical staffers and damages facilities, knowing that the medics are neutral in their efforts to provide care for all parties of the conflict.

On Sunday, the center said three people had been wounded by an attack on an ambulance in Ain Zara in Tripoli’s suburbs.

“The ambulance was targeted while the paramedics were doing their humanitarian work on Saturday.” The center added, posting photos showing the damaged ambulance.

On July 17, another crew from the field medical center in Ain Zara was targeted while on duty amid the clashes in the district, leading to the injury of a paramedic and a driver.


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