Libya’s Tarhouna bids farewell to Al-Kani and Al-Migri with remarkable strength

A Turkish drone has put an end to the a significant and prominent role of two persons in the fighting on southern Tripoli frontlines since last April.

Amid heavy clashes on Friday on different frontlines, the Turkish operations room and the drones it operates played a pivotal role in making the armed forces of Government of National Accord (GNA) be more effective than the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces.

The Turkish drones targeted in Ain Zara in southern Tripoli a vehicle in which there were the commander of 9th Brigade Abdelwahhab Al-Migri and senior leader of the brigade’s backup forces, Mohsen Al-Kani as well as Al-Kani’s younger brother Abdeladeem.

The three fighters were killed after more than five months of combat under the command of the LNA’s General Command on Ain Zara frontline.

Abdelwahhab Al-Migri was the commander of Brigade 22 Infantry that joined the General Command before the recent fighting started in Tripoli. Mohsen Al-Kani was a prominent figure from a well-known family on social and political levels.

On Friday, the story of the Al-Kani brothers who are symbols for the Tarhouna city and social components ended but the city remains in support for the LNA.

The incident was received with remarkable strength by the elders of Tarhouna and the LNA’s General Command contrary to the expectations of some parties who said the inner circles of the LNA would be affected or collapsed due to the incident.

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