Libya: Foreign mercenaries backing GNA forces seen in Al-Aziziya

After the constant advances of the Libyan National Army (LNA) on Tripoli frontlines, the commander of western military zone Idris Madi said the Government of National Accord is going through a crisis regarding the number of fighters as most of the young men fighting for GNA became fearful of the LNA precise airstrikes.

Madi’s statement could validate the recent reports that said the GNA is using foreign mercenaries to fight the LNA forces, as 218News has reported eyewitnesses from Al-Aziziya as saying that many foreign armed forces are present in the district; believed to be from African countries and speaking unfamiliar dialects.

One of the eyewitnesses said violations and attacks on people’s properties took place in the district, in addition to retaliation acts against the people who oppose the ideology of the armed groups.

Reports about the presence of Chadian mercenaries have been all over the news recently with locals in Al-Aziziya district confirming that they have seen security checkpoints for Chadian Tubu tribespeople, hence; verifying the 218News reports citing sources close to Tripoli operations room and fighters from the LNA forces.

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