Sabha Security Room: GNA helped terrorists infiltrate southern Libya

After US Africa Command carried out airstrikes on terrorists in southern Libya, the spokesman for the Sabha Joint Security Room Ali Al-Tershani, revealed details about the movements of those terrorist groups.

Al-Tershani said the room depicted terrorists’ movements near Indian Company, Hajara and Nasiriya, adding that the room had sent patrols to the vicinity of those areas after the airstrikes of US AFRICOM.

AFRICOM said last Friday that its airstrikes on Sabha killed 17 terrorists linked to ISIS.

Al-Tershani said those terrorist groups were backed by the Government of National Accord, which helped them to infiltrate into the south to cause chaos then blame the Libyan National Army for it.

“The room will hit with an iron fist those who threaten the security of Sabha.” He added.

Meanwhile, the member of the House of Representatives (HoR) for southern Libya Ali Al-Gaidi denounced the support of the Government of National Accord to those terrorists whom it helped to be in southern Libya by giving them political and legal cover.

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