Libya’s south is going through hazardous tensions

Uncertainty prevails in the southern region of Libya as to whether there will be more escalations or calm, especially after interests in the region are growing among local and international parties.

The chaos in Libya burdened the residents of southern Libya with greater suffering than other areas as armed groups took advantage of the security vacuum left by the government authorities, doing illicit acts like human trafficking people from far south areas to European shores in a trip that starts in the desert.

Murzuq is now under the control of armed groups mixed between terrorists and outlaws. Locals have been talking lately if the need to activate the House of Representatives’ decsion to consider Murzuq a distressed town, calling on the Libyan National Army to liberate it and protect civilians against the threats of Chadian gangs that wreaked havoc in the area.

Observers believe that there will be no changes on the ground amid chaos and organized crime acts, raising the question: Where will become of the south and southerners?

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