Benghazi-based NOC accuses UN Mission in Libya with “bias”

After days of a statement by the UNSMIL saying the Libyan National Oil Corporation in Tripoli is the only entity to oversee and manage oil production and operations in Libya, the Benghazi-based NOC – headed by Al-Mabrouk Sultan – issued a statement condemning the UNSMIL’s actions toward the oil sector and called on it to be unbiased.

The statement, seen by 218News, described Mustafa Sanalla as an imposter and the Libyan judiciary will be looking into his post as the Chairman of NOC, slamming him as “biased to the armed groups in Tripoli.”

The statement, described by observes as very straightforward, said the Benghazi-based NOC of the Libyan Interim Government is the only sovereign institution tasked to oversee oil sector operations in Libya as per all current laws and regulations.

The Benghazi-based NOC also called on UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame to stop looking away from violations made by the board of the NOC headed by Sanalla, such as decreasing kerosene shipments to Benina, Labreq, and Zinatn airports, which is “a humanitarian crime.”


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