Arab Foreign Ministers condemn “Turkey’s aggression” on Syria

Arab Foreign Ministers have condemned Turkey’s military operation in Syria, describing it an aggression on Syria and violation of its sovereignty as well as a threat to regional peace and security.

In an emergency meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers at the Arab League in Cairo, the ministers called Saturday on Turkey to halt all of its military operations and withdraw its troops that entered Syria, holding Turkey responsible for humanitarian and security repurcussions of this “aggression.”

In the final statement of the meeting, the ministers said they are considering political, economic and touristic measures to take against Turkey, urging the Arab League to allow Syria to take up its role in the organization and reiterating the need to uphold the sovereignty and stability of the country.

The statement also reiterated that the laws and conventions guarantee for Syria to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, saying this Turkish attack is a new episode of repeated series of attacks on the country.

The Arab League called on the UN Security Council to take the needed measures to stop the Turkish aggression on Syria and to ensure Turkish troops are withdrawn from its territories.

The final statement also rejected Turkish attempts that aim at changing the demographic of the Syrian territories by force via “a safe zone” as it constitutes a violation of international law and is considered a war crime.

“Turkey is alone responsible for the ramification of thos aggression on Syria, such as possible return of terrorists, including ISIS. Hence, we call on the Security Council to hold Turkey accountable for any terrorists’ infiltration outside Syria to the regional countries.” The statement reads.

It adds that Foreign Ministers appointed the Secretary General of the Arab League to make contact with the UN Secretary General’s office to inform him of the Arab League statement and stance and to prepare for a visit for Arab League delegation to the Security Council to follow up on this urgent matter.

The ministers also decided to appoint the Arab Group in New York to discuss the ways possible to halt the Turkish aggression on Syria with different UN Security Council apparatuses.


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