Washington engaged in Libya’s crisis on two main fronts

The US embassy in Libya published a report on its website on Monday saying it had redoubled efforts in recent months to end the fighting and support UN initiatives led by UN envoy Ghassan Salamé to achieve a negotiated political solution to the crisis in Libya.

The embassy said the US is executing its efforts to support international efforts currently underway to resolve the conflict in Libya and has worked on two fronts: internal and external.

On the external front, the US embassy said ambassador Richard Norland on October 01 participated in the second meeting in Berlin of a working group organized under the auspices of the “Berlin Process” aimed at promoting a political solution to the conflict, adding that ambassador Norland had attended the first Berlin meeting, on September 17, and is scheduled to attend the next one.

“Following the October 1 meeting, Ambassador Norland visited Algeria where he met on Oct. 4 with Foreign Minister Boukadoum, who offered the perspective of a neighboring state on how continued conflict in Libya is undermining the struggle against terrorism and hurting prospects for economic growth in North Africa.  Ambassador Norland held meetings in the United Arab Emirates on September 19, and Egypt on October 9-10 to gain support for the UN-led political process.” The US embassy explained.

It added that the ambassador plans to travel to Russia and Turkey to deepen the conversation with those countries on common efforts to promote a political solution to the Libyan conflict.

Meanwhile, on the internal front, the embassy said the US remains committed to engaging politically with all parties to the conflict representing constituencies in the North, West, East and South, urging them to de-escalate from military activity and pursue their goals through exclusively political means, saying it is focused in particular on maintaining the unity and integrity of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Central Bank of Libya.

“Those two institutions play a critical role in sustaining Libya’s economy and are currently under threat of being divided, placing Libya’s economic future in doubt and jeopardizing its prosperity.” The US embassy indicated.


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