When will Libyans elect their own president?

Seeing the presidential elections in Tunisia, Libyans felt the sentiment as they have been for eight years hoping to create a political system in Libya that allows them to elect their own president.

When will Libya have an elected president? This question is still ambiguously painful to many in Libya as post-2011 political and decision-making actors couldn’t find a political common ground that establishes a permanent solution allowing Libyan people to vote for the candidates they find fit to lead the country.

The question of whether or not Libya will have its own elected president resurfaced after Tunisia’s presidential elections on Sunday as such a democratic celebration had stirred Libyans’ needs for one of their own.

The difference between Libya and Tunisia has multifaceted points, especially after Libya’s February revolution turned from a peaceful to armed one then the military operations with armed factions, outlaw groups and dubious political figures as well as terrorists who control entire cities. Thus, Tunisia managed to save its people this costly bill and immediately started the democratic process, becoming more successful than Libya.


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