LNA spokesman reveals to 218News truth of Al-Fernaj airstrike, says LNA “encircled Erdogan”

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA) Ahmed Al-Mismari has explained that the airstrike of Monday targeted a specific military target in Al-Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli with utter precision as per military combat rules, adding that there were no civilian casualties from that airstrike.

“The militias in the capital have made lies and propaganda about the airstrike.” Al-Mismari said in an interview with 218News.

He explained that the target in Al-Fernaj was an operations room for militias and terrorist groups fighting the LNA in Tripoli, adding that the media propaganda of the militias’ mouthpieces were ineffective but indicated that they collapsing politically, militarily and also media-wise.

Tactical Advance

Al-Mismari told 218News on Monday that LNA forces have been advancing in a well-established manner over the last days and are continuing to do so as per the strategies that are supervised by the General Commander of LNA, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who – according to Al-Mismari – is in daily contant with the field military commanders and officers.

Al-Mismari said LNA forces advanced on new areas such as Al-Fernaj, referring to the time that Ghassan Salame; UN envoy to Libya, said that he recognized “the accuracy of targets struck by LNA in military operations.”

Pressuring Turkey

Al-Mismari said LNA airpower now covers the entire airspace of Libya and has carried out precise and strategic airstrikes in Tripoli and at the same time in southern Libya as well as in other cities.

He added that the LNA managed to make Turkish aircraft 75% dysfunctional in this fighting as heavy airstrikes have targeted their takeoff locations in Mitiga and Misrata Airports, saying that Air Force and artillery of the LNA are allowing a well-studied advance of the forces materialize in Tripoli.

Turkey-linked ISIS Militants

Al-Mismari said Turkish support for the armed groups with military equipment, weapons, ammunition and technology hadn’t stopped, yet it had been forced to be ineffective by LNA technical advances and tactics.

He added that Turkish drones have been totally marginalized due to the excelling performance of LNA aircraft, warning Turkey and its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of transporting ISIS militants and saying that LNA is ready to target any ships used by Turkey to bring ISIS terrorists to Libya and that they have intelligence information saying some ISIS militants have already infiltrated into Libya via Turkey.

Stance Regarding Misrata

Al-Mismari indicated that the LNA won’t enter Tripoli as an occupying force but as a national army that has fought against terrorism and wants to end corruption of the militias in the capital as well as crimes !and kidnappings of innocent civilians and smuggling in all of its forms.

He said Misrata is just like any other Libyan city to the LNA, which doesn’t consider it’s people as terrorists but rather as loyal people who wish to have their city back on track for work, production and industry, adding that the majority in Misrata are against terrorism.

Al-Mismari, however; explained that there are Islamist parties that are using force to control Misrata’s stance and drag its men to the war.

The Insincere and Repentance

Al-Mismari said LNA welcomes the surrender of weapons by the fighters fighting the LNA forces in Tripoli as they could have been tempted by money or brainwashed in some sort, adding that not all of those fighting for the militias are criminals or terrorists and calling on them to seize the chance to lay down their weapons and surrender to the LNA.

He indicated that security operations will start in Tripoli once its retaken from the hands of the militias and that the LNA is now documenting the crimes and outlaw acts in Tripoli so they get later apprehended and brought to justice.

Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer’s Agenda

The LNA spokesman said the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer is working for foreign agendas as he thinks they will keep him in his post and he has been controlled as well by the militias in Tripoli as most of the terrorist groups are being funded by the CBL via dubious measures based on smuggling fuel and other acts.

He added that CBL Governor is neck-deep in corruption that should be soon tackled by the Libyan judiciary, saying Al-Kaberr didn’t attend any of the House of Representatives (HoR) meetings despite being summoned many times and that he never submitted annual reports to the HoR.

Lies of Sanalla

Al-Mismari said the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sanalla was lying to stain the reputation of the LNA when he said the oilfields and oil termials are under the control of the militias and that the evidence they aren’t is that those facilities haven’t been attacked by terrorists or controlled by terrorist groups because they are secured by LNA officers and personnel.

He also reminded Sanalla that the LNA was the one that liberate the Oil Crescent Region more than once and always returned the authority on those facilities to the National Oil Corporation.

“The NOC is not even paying the salaries of the oil facilities guards, the LNA is paying them.” Al-Mismari said.

Mercenaries of Al-Juwaili

Al-Mismari revealed that Zintan “honorable people” rejected to fight LNA alongside Osama Al-Juwaili so he enlisted the help of African mercenaries for millions of dinars putting them on military frontlines on the coast for the first time in their lives as they used – being African – to fight in desert areas.

LNA spokesman explained that Al-Juwaili’s mercenaries have been defeated heavily over the last two weeks and that their attempt to seize Tarhouna will fail.


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