Russia warns of terrorists’ spillover to Libya

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has stated that Libya could turn into the main bastion for terrorists in North Africa in a new warning that the crisis could linger in Libya and impact the entire region.

Lavrov told Russia’s Interfax that the ongoing fighting in Northeastern Syria after Turkey has started its military operation in there allowed ISIS militants to spill over to different countries around the world.

This warning by the Russian Foreign Minister comes in line with the concerns of the international community about the deterioration of security in Libya and to what extent terrorists escaping from Syria could end up arriving in Libya in which they could find a safe haven since it is currently going through military conflicts.

Lavrov said that the countries which give safe haven for the terrorists escaping from Syria should be responsible for their actions. This was interpreted by analysts as an indirect warning to Turkey that was earlier accused by the Libyan National Army of working on transporting terrorists from Syria to Libya.

Lavrov indicated that Moscow would back up any agreement between Syria and the Kurds and support security cooperation between Syria and Turkey on the borders.


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