LNA’s General Command: Libya’s stability contingent on disarmament and fighting terrorism

The General Command of the Libyan National Army has stressed to the parties taking part in the international conference on Libya to be hosted by Berlin under the auspices of the UN that it should focus on the importance of fighting terrorism and disbanding and disarming armed groups and organizations to pave the way for a conclusive national dialogue to achieve stability in the country.

In a statement, the General Command said any political process that doesn’t tackle the security issues in Libya will be “useless to talk about” and “this has been proven over the last years.”

It also called on the economic institutions in Libya to remain neutral as they are for all Libyans, adding that such institutions cannot support any party over the other in Libya because, if so, there should be some strict measures that guarantee their revenue isn’t used to fund terrorism and armed groups.

The General Command called on the UNSMIL to fulfill its commitment to appointing a review and audit committee for the Central Bank of Libya’s accounts, including the revenue of dollar purchase transactions and to make sure that the oil revenue is being fairly distributed to all Libyans.


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