Tunisia kills militant smuggling weapons through its borders with Libya

The spokesman for Tunisian National Guard, Colonel Hussam Al-Deen Al-Jibabli, said the terrorist Murad bin Hammadi Al-Shayeb who was killed in Saif Al-Anba Mountain in Tunisia had smuggled missiles to Algeria via Libya, adding that he had money for Oqba bin Nafie Brigade and military maps for the region.

Tunisian Shams FM reported Al-Jibabli as saying that the terrorist entered Tunisia in 2011 and was named as Emir of Oqba bin Nafie Brigade after his brother Luqman Abu Sakhir was killed.

He added that military operations of Tunisian Army units are still ongoing in the area and on the mountain in Sabiba, Kasserine, in order to end the presence of all terrorist cells and deny them any reemergence.

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