LNA spokesman unveils details of airstrikes on Mitiga and Misrata airports

The Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Air Force carried out airstrikes on military targets in the vicinity of Mitiga and Misrata airports on Sunday.

The spokesman for the LNA, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said in a presser that the military intelligence apparatus had gathered information about some locations at the military side of Mitiga Airport and Misrata Airport’s Air College, which were being used for hiding and operating drones.

Al-Mismari added that the Libyan Air Force struck the targets after orders from the General Command.

“The airstrikes terminated the military targets 100% and destroyed the depots used to stock and operate the dronesm.” Al-Mismari said.

Meanwhile, Mitiga Airport’s management said an Afriqiyah Airways plane that was coming from Tunisia Carthage Airport returned to Sfax Airport due to the temporary airspace shutdown at Misrata Airport after being hit by airstrikes.


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