Russia denies allegations of sending snipers to Libya’s frontlines

After reports on the media said hundreds of Russian snipers had arrived in Libya to take part in the ongoing fighting in the country, Russian official response has finally came by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabk, who described the reports as “untrue allegations”.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabk said the reports of Kremlin-linked Russian mercenaries being sent to Libya are rejected as such a step goes against Russia’s policy toward Libya in which it supports dialogue to reach settlement to end the conflict.

Ryabkov, hinting at The New York Times’ report, responded saying that “this isn’t the first time that American media spread all sorts of tall tales, malicious rumors and fabrications.”

The New York Times said 200 Russian snipers arrived in Libya in six weeks to join fighting frontlines in Tripoli.

Ryabkov also criticized the reports and called them “fake” saying they could have bad impact on US-Russian relations.


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