New EU efforts to respond to issues of illegal immigrants, refugees in Libya

A new effort by the European Union to curb illegal immigration flow through Libya is going to be manifested in two meetings with Maghreb countries.

The first meeting will be discussing assessment of the performance of the EU regarding the illegal immigration issues and the immigrants’ conditions inside detention centers in Libya under the supervision of civilian freedoms committee, a committee for human rights and a delegation from Maghreb countries.

The second meeting will review the performance of the Libyan coast guard personnel with the illegal immigrants as per testimonies by UNHCR, IOM, MSF, and International Rescue Committee staffers.

UNHCR said earlier that Libya was hosting more than 450.000 registered refugees and asylum seekers plus a number of unregistered immigrants, mostly from African countries.

The EU has previously allocated about 10 million euros to fund evacuation of immigrants’ operations from Libya to their home countries, as Rwanda proposed to host 30.000 illegal immigrants from Libya temporarily.


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