Forces affiliated with GNA seize control of El Feel oilfield

The media office of Sabha military zone of the Government of National Accord led by Ali Kanna said in a statement Wednesday that their forces had taken control of El Feel oilfield.

The statement said military units from Petroleum Facilities Guard of Sabha military zone had gripped full control of El Feel oilfield.

Meanwhile, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed military activity in the area of El-Feel oil field.

NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said: “We ask combatants to halt operations around the field. Our priority is the safety of our staff. Any escalation in violence may lead to staff being evacuated and production being shut down.”

The Libyan National Army forces had seized control of El Feel oilfield, which is located in Murzuq basin, peacefully last February, when the LNA also controlled peacefully Sharara oilfield after an agreement with the force that was in control.

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