Al-Manfour: Kabaw runway is for “military purposes”, threatens Al-Watiya airbase

The commander of the Libyan National Army’s Air Force, General Mohammed Al-Manfour has confirmed that LNA aircraft targeted the under-construction military airport runway of Kabaw, refuting news that said the LNA targeted civilian locations south of the city.

Al-Manfour told Nova news agency that the runway is a threat to Al-Watiya airbase as it is only 106 kilometers away from it, saying it has a length of 1260 meters and width of 25 meters.

He indicated that such an runway can be used for drones and for taking off and landing of freight planes – light and medium.

Al-Manfour also explained that the Government of National Accord had given the green light for building the runway for military purposes without taking the permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.


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