Libya’s ambassador to Morocco: Withdrawing recognition from GNA entails “fall of HoR”

The Libyan ambassador to Morocco, Raniya Al-Said, said the request of the House of Representatives to the UN Secretary General to withdraw recognition from the Government of National Accord is illegal.

Al-Said told Independent Arabia that withdrawal of recognition of GNA means the fall of the House of Representatives as well as both are part of the same political agreement signed in Skhirat, which gave birth to GNA, HoR as a legislative body and High Council of State as a constitutional body.

The Speaker of HoR Aquila Saleh sent a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres saying the MOus signed between GNA and Turkey were harmful to Libya and its future security, saying Turkey and GNA’s military cooperation doesn’t need a MoU as it is already taking place illicitly.

Saleh said the aim of the MoUs is to take control of Libyan territory, including its airspace and regional waters by the Turkish army, adding that this agreement is in essence a greenlight for Turkey to occupy Libya.

The Speaker of the HoR called in his letter for withdrawal of the GNA’s recognition and to replace it with recognition of the HoR only as the MoUs signed with Turkey violate the political agreement that was approved by the Security Council, adding that the political agreement includes a law that obliges the GNA to secure unity and integrity of Libya’s territories and its sovereignty as well as national borders.


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