Al-Monitor: Turkish troops in the back lines of Tripoli frontlines

US-based Al-Monitor newspaper pusbliehd a new report about the Turkish milutary intervention in Libya, saying the Turkish troops are at the back of the frontlines in southern Tripoli.

The newspaper said the reason could be linked to the disappointing results of Erdogan’s contacts with US, Russian and Tunisian Presidents who all rejected to be part of the military conflict in Libya.

Al-Monitor described the plan of Erdogan to send Syrian militias to Libya as very important as it is a trial for his country to see if it can use thousands of fighters to be transferred to areas far away from Turkish borders after Syria’s operations end.

It added that Ankara could employ those fighters in a private military firm under the supervision of Erdogan after news about the involvement of “Sadat” company that is run by top advisers to the former Turkish President in such matters, despite the former president’s refutation.


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