218NEWS Sources: Major changes are coming in the “Turkish presidency”

218 tv has learned from high-level diplomatic sources of major changes in the “Turkish presidency” due to take effect in the coming weeks, including the appointment of “Ben Ali Yildirim”, the former head of the Turkish Justice and Development Party and the last prime minister from May 22, 2016, until July 2018 to be formally “vice president” to president Erdogan along with the current deputy,” Fouad Aktay, ” this appointment according to the powers granted to him, which states the Turkish president has the right to appoint four deputies.

The sources added that Erdogan will create the position of National Security Adviser, the likely candidate for this job is the current speaker of the Turkish presidency and a prominent member of the Justice and Development Party, “Ibrahim Qalan.”

The new changes will also include appointing two leading personalities to the position of special envoys to Moscow and Washington whose names have not been released yet, and in the meantime, a number of officials will be referred for retirement, giving some of them consultative status and replacing a new cadre in a number of official positions.

The sources say that the Turkish presidency will transfer the file of Turkey’s entry into the European Union to second priority level, after an in-depth study revealed that Turkey’s current entry “in full terms” to the union will constitute a burden on the Turkish budget due to the necessity of its assumed contribution to the budget of the European Union, which would slow down the wheel of development projects supposedly applied until 2023.

With regard to the Memorandum of Understanding with Libya, guidance instructions were issued to discuss the possibility of reaching an agreement between “Ankara, Athens, and Nicosia” to share wealth in the Mediterranean in parallel with the intensification of exploration and excavations approved by the Turkish Cabinet at the end of 2019.


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