Libyan economic experts prepare in Cairo for UN-led econmy negotiations

Preparatory meetings for the economic track of the UN plan to resolve the Libyan crisis are going to commence on Sunday in Cairo, as part of three tracks that also include political and military negotiations.

19 experts will be present at the meetings. They will represent financial and economic institutions and economic sectors.

The meetings are supposed to form the Libyan Economic Policies Committee of Experts in order to pave the way for starting the economic track negotiations under the auspices of the UN.

Al-Ittihad newspaper reported a well-informed source as saying that the committee will have two levels; one is an advisory council and the second is a general secretary.

UN envoy Ghassan Salame to open the meetings on Sunday with a speech. Among the talks and recommendations, there will be discussions about the rebuilding projects in Libya, oil revenue distribution and transparency of state institutions.

The preliminary list of attendees at Cairo meetings includes: Noman Al-Bouri, Naji Mukhtar, Emad Rajab, Mihammed bin Shatwan, Osama Al-Ghweil, Mohsen Al-Dreija, Khalid Al-Ghweil, Essam Garbae, Mohammed Abu Sanina, Mohammed Essa, Musbah Al-Ekkari, Atef Hassiya (Salam Benghazi Center) Mohammed Grita, Hussam Al-Shahibi, Khalid Al-Mufti, Fawzi Ammar, Mousa Al-Zubeik, Mayson Al-Safar, Mohammed Al-Huweij, Mahmoud Al-Fetisi, Omar Tantoush, Mohammed Tabiga, Farhat bin Gadara, Dr. Atiya Al-Fitouri.

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