Bashagha says Nawasi Brigade is a “militia”, after being OK with it for five years

The Minister-designate of Interior Affairs for Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha has broken his silence after days of controversy over major rifts in the GNA camp, which appeared clear on its politically floundering positions and the military losses, as evidenced by its recent appeal to Washington despite the Turkish military support it receives.

Bashagha opened fire on the militias which are stubborn to be obedient in a press conference that was barely minutes away from direct and indirect reprimands, for these armed groups that the GNA was unable to put an end to during the years of its rule, such as Nawasi Brigade, whose relationship with the GNA camp was publicized recently.

The Minister-designate urged the youth people working for what he called “Nawasi Militia” and some others who claim to be affiliated with central support, to come to the Interior Ministry to be trained and protected from making mistakes.

He also said in a press conference on Sunday that the difference between the security services and the regular military and militias lies in the fact that the latter attack the law and institutions as well as exploit their access to any security apparatus to violate the rights of citizens and infringe on the state institutions and blackmail them.

Bashagha stepped up his attack on the militias, saying they wanted to dismantle the militias to eliminate terrorism and criminality, blaming them for the attitude that scares world countries from Libyans.

The Minister of the Interior spoke about the GNA’s exposure to an internal conspiracy that began to be hatched when its forces experienced a period of pressure and retreat in the fighting axes, in what appeared to mean parties that attempted to jump from the GNA boat after seeking close to its sinking, hinting that the intelligence agency was involved in this plot by saying that it was penetrated by a militia trying to exploit him to pressure the state apparatuses.

He indicated that the Ministry of Interior is confronting defamation attempts because of its success in carrying out its work, which was clearly seen by the people of Tripoli. He also praised the work of the Tripoli Security Directorate and its efforts during the past ten months.

Talking about the corruption that is all over his ministry, Bashagha admitted that some militias are blackmailing the state and trying to pressure it to obtain millions of dinars, adding that when he took office in the GNA, he found massive financial corruption and tried to dry up its sources.

He also revealed that the ministry’s debt at that time amounted to one billion and 200 million dinars, without indicating how much it is at the moment.


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