On International Women’s Day, EU statement recalls Salwa Buqayqis and Siham Sirgiwa

The European Union Mission to Libya, in coordination with the heads of the European Union missions to Libya and the head of Canada’s Mission, issued a statement celebrating the International Women’s Day, affirming the support of Libyan women in their demand for equal access to rights that lead to more stable, prosperous and resilient societies.

The signatories of the statement stressed their strong commitment to promoting equal rights and opportunities between women and men and supporting Libyan women to reach equal rights such as the right to education, equal employment opportunities, and equal representation in public and political life.

The statement pointed to the distinguished example provided by women entrepreneurs, academics, female health workers and many others, calling for the application of Libyan laws that protect women’s rights, and encouraging the adoption of laws that address inequalities that still exist.

Regarding the problems faced by Libyan women, the statement stated that approximately 200,000 girls and women have been displaced by the conflict, and about 18,000 women and girls registered as refugees and asylum seekers.

The signatories of the statement recalled the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly and approved by the European Union on the elimination of all forms of violence against women, as well as the United Nations rules on the treatment of women prisoners, recognizing the special needs of women in detention and protecting their rights.

They condemned all forms of violence against women and girls, calling for all those responsible for the violations to be held accountable, affirming their sympathy for Salwa Buqayqis and other women who have been victims of violence that has marred Libya’s recent history.

The statement called for the immediate release of the member of the House of Representatives, Siham Sirgiwa, who was kidnapped in July 2019, saying that the relevant authorities must assume their responsibility and investigate her kidnapping incident.

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