Race for Coronavirus vaccine enters clinical trials’ stage

Official statements by major countries started hinting at the experiments they conducted to produce an effective vaccine for the Coronavirus, coinciding with the curfews in most countries to combat the pandemic.

The global race to produce the first effective vaccine for the Coronavirus has become clear, as official statements have begun to become clearer, especially as China announced its start in the first phase of clinical trials on the vaccine.

A staff member involved in the government-funded project to develop the vaccine told AFP that volunteers had started the first phase of testing the vaccine.

The Chinese endeavors coincide with the great rivalry between China and the United States, which entered the race with Beijing, especially after Donald Trump renewed his description of the virus, as the Chinese virus, not Coronavirus, which Beijing saw as a provocation to it, and an accusation that it was behind its industry .

The US-based Gilad Corporation revealed in a thrilling statement that it is in the final stages of clinical trials in Asia for developing the vaccine for Coronavirus.

French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand confirmed that his country has reached preliminary results of ongoing tests on a possible drug to treat the virus, previously used in the treatment of malaria patients, and that its final results will actually appear within the next fifteen days.

The World Health Organization had a different opinion, in this race, through its new statement, saying the issue may take a year or more, warning of the return of the virus, after the stages of isolation by countries to combat it.


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