Erdogan violates “Coronavirus truce”, sends tens of mercenaries to Libya

A Libyan security source revealed that a plane arrived Sunday evening in Mitiga Airport with dozens of Syrian mercenaries on board, adding in a statement to Al-Ain News that the flights are still continuing between Turkey and GNA under the direct supervision of Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj and Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha, despite the announcement of the humanitarian truce due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

The violation of the Coronavirus truce comes from Turkey, which has not stopped sending its mercenaries to Libya despite the outbreak of the pandemic and the Presidential Council’s announcement of closing air and land borders in Libya as part of the state of emergency.

The newspaper cited the Head of the National Army’s monitoring system, Ghaith Isbaq, that the mercenary-studded flights are supervised personally by Al-Sarraj and Bashagha, adding that the plane that arrived Sunday in Tripoli was carrying nearly seventy Turkish mercenaries and advisers on board, adding that the flights continue on a daily basis and often in the evening.


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