GNA forces mourn military commanders killed in Al-Watiya airbase offensive

Social media pages close to the Government of National Accord mourned the commanders of frontlines, who were killed during their attack on Al-Watiya airbase.

The mourning included important names from “field leaders”, most notably “Hisham Al-Barishani”, the leader in the Zawiya Operations Room led by “Abu Ubaida Al-Zawy,” the commander of the Al-Qabra Brigade, “Abd al-Rahman al-Shawsh,” and “Firas al-Saluqi,” nicknamed “al-Wahshi,” one of the commanders of the frontlines from Al-Zawiya city.

GNA forces’ social media pages reported that during the attack on Al-Watiya airbase – which took place Tuesday morning – more than 25 GNA fighters were killed and more than 100 others were wounded.

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