Corruption case disturbs Libyan and Italian Navy Forces

The Attorney General of the Italian city of Brindisi, Antonio de Dono, has issued a request to arrest five Italian soldiers from the crew of the Caprera and a Libyan coast guard officer, for counterfeiting, smuggling and corruption.

Italian media indicated that the Italian military had issued false bills to purchase more than 750 kilograms of cigarettes and cialis used to treat impotence in 2018, using the budget of the Italian military operation in Libya, adding that they smuggled them on board the Caprera ship from the port of Tripoli to the port Brindisi.

The investigating judge ordered the Italian Court of Brindisi to imprison the Italian Naval Technical Officer, who had headed the Caprera ship restructuring team, Marco Corbisero, the main person accused of the case, pending the investigation and put the rest of the accused, namely Antonio Filugamo, Roberto Castiglione, Antonio Musca, Mario Ortelli, and the officer at Libyan Coast Guard Mohamed Hamza, under house arrest until the end of investigations.

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