LNA official: Air defense systems are controlling Al-Watiya airbase skies

A member of the Media Division of the Libyan National Army, Al-Munthir Al-Khartosh, said that the air defense systems had achieved full air control over the Al-Watiya airbase and had succeeded in shooting down two Turkish drones.

In a statement issued on Saturday evening, Al-Khartoush denied the news that GNA forces had circulated regarding targeting and destroying the armed forces’ air defense system at Al-Watiya airbase.

The member of the Military Information Division stated that the situation on the ground is “excellent and there are no direct clashes, except for some skirmishes that are dealt with by heavy artillery.”

Earlier on Saturday, the Military Information Division of the Libyan National Army confirmed that the air defense systems targeted an Anka-S drone, dubbed “the Phoenix,” and shot it down on the outskirts of Al-Watiya airbase.

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