After days of siege, Al-Wattya airbase is seized by GNA forces

Government of National Accord forces announced their control of Al-Wattya airbase after days of siege, and multiple attempts to storm into it.

After failure to seize it in two previous attacks, Al-Wattya airbase was completely brought under control in a lightning and unannounced operation backed by intense airstrikes on Monday morning.

News of the control operation and videos showing fighters roaming inside the base in addition to seizing large ammunition quantities in addition to the Russian-made air defense system known as the Pantsir have been circulated by GNA social media pages, which shows that the Libyan National Army forces had no time to secure weapons and ammunition.

The announcement of the GNA forces’ of controlling Al-Wattya airbase has not been matched by any statements yet by the Libyan national army, which remains silent about the matter and is awaiting an explanation of the reasons for the retreat.

Al-Wattya airbase is one of the largest military bases located in western Libya near the Tunisian border and is used for the purpose of military aviation. It has been under the control of the army for years, as its importance lies as a launching pad for Libyan air force aircraft and supplies that reach the army in addition to its importance in the LNA fight against GNA.

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